Name Description Screenshot
Billy A simple invoice manager built with Electron. billy My own food blog based on VueJS and Nuxt.js. Copy & Pasta A static website built only with HTML, CSS and some PHP. Sprachmühle
Event A platform to manage events and conferences built on NodeJS. event
Flatfinder A web scraper tool that regularly scans websites where flats are offered to buy. flatfinder
Knick-Knack A language agnostic project scaffolding tool. knick-knack
Photobooth A JavaScript photobooth application where you can pick an own background image via green screen. photobooth


Title Link
Innovation Week @ PHP Conference Munich
Vue vs. Vanilla @ Accento Dev Karlsruhe
How to become a Web Developer Watch on YouTube
ReactJS @ HDM Stuttgart
TypeScript @ HDM Stuttgart
Electron @ HDM Stuttgart

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